The early morning sun peeping through the showroom windows cast long grey shadows on the desks, and over the silent Laptops. Outside the building the birds sing a “good morning” song to anyone who listens. I yawn and stretch my arms out to get the kinks out of my folds. Any minute now the alarm will be turned off and the staff will be arriving to begin their busy day.  

I’m first on the rack. My poppy print, catches the light, becomes more vibrant with every passing minute. The others jostle and shove at my skirts, but I’m not giving up my spot. I have heard a whisper that this is the day a newbie will be coming into the showroom for a style session with Tracey. I want to be the first creation she sees, the first Leina Broughton dress that adorns her body. I want her to slip me on, “Stella, in Poppy Print”, the dress with fabulous twirl factor. 

A Darling distracts me trying to push ahead of a Josephine, but I’m not having any of it. I turn to tell them all to settle down. In that moment I don’t notice Fleur and Tracey unlocking the front door until the lights are on and I blink at the sudden intrusion. I pull my skirts together, tighten up my stitches and waited patiently for someone to notice me. I whisper for the others to quieten down. They straighten up on the rack, and follow my lead, anxious for the day to begin.  

The newbie arrives, and Tracey introduces her to Fleur. Her name is Joy. I can tell she is terribly excited, as am I. She approaches the rack where I wait, primped and proud, my fabric silky smooth, my hem dipped in the front, almost a curtsey. I sit proudly on my hanger, extremely pretty, and very ladylike. She touches me. Runs her soft hands over my skirts, lifts my hem to look at my lining. I hold my breath as Tracey removes me from the rack and places me in the fitting room. It takes no more than a minute before Joy has pulled me over her head and settled me around her curves. She has a curvaceous figure, which was fine by me, because I hug and caress every dip, every angle, every glorious centimetre of her size 16 luscious body. She looks in the mirror and runs her palms down over her hips in wonder. She turns left. She turns right. She grins from ear to ear. What a glorious smile she has. We are a marriage made in heaven, a perfect couple. 

  Joy opens the curtains and steps out to show Fleur and Tracey how wonderful we look together. 

“I feel like a Princess.” Joy twirls round.  

I comply, allowing my fabric to flow in the air, and my skirts swish around her thighs.  

“You look fabulous. Stella in Poppy Print suits you so perfectly.” Tracey announces.

Stella is going home with me. She is going to be my special Mother’s Day dress. I don’t want to take her off. But I guess I should try on some others.” 

Joy slips me off and casts me over a chair. I wait a long time in the fitting room, while dress after dress, and even some skirts and pants are tried on. I struggle to breathe as more and more garments pile on top of me on the chair. My hope is fading as I hear Joy exclaim her delight at many of the Leina Broughton creations.  

The voices become faint. They have walked away. The elation I felt earlier was short lived. I have been usurped for another model. The pain of abandonment almost causes my poppy print to fade. Suddenly the curtain is yanked opened and I am being tugged from under the weight of the other dresses. They mumble their surprise, and wish me luck and Godspeed.  

Joy hugs me to her ample bosom. My heart fills with new hope.  

“We can’t forget to pack this one. My Stella in Poppy Print. My first love.” Joy folds me lovingly into a neat package and places me on the counter to be tucked into tissue paper. Ian’s gentle hands tuck me securely into the shopping bag. I count three other tissue packets, coming home with Joy.  

But I am the favourite. I know that. Stella is Joy’s first love. She said so. She is going to wear me on Mother’s Day.  

My heart is bursting with pride.  

Savannah Blaize is a natural storyteller. She finds joy in books and in the tales she tells. She is passionate about engaging her readers, about bringing them into the pictures she paints with her words. Her readers often comment on how easily they can slip into the story, visualise the world she creates.  

From Paris To Forever is Savannah’s first published Novel, but has many stories waiting in the wings to be written, and to engage her readers.  

Savannah has short stories published in the 2015 and 2017 MRWG Anthologies. Her debut novel From Paris To Forever, published in April 2017, is her first full-length novel.

If you would like to get in touch with the author or get a signed copy of her book please email Savannah at